Sunday, June 15, 2008

Moving to San Antonio

Ok so on Friday work told us they are transferring us to Texas for the rest of the summer. So i get to pack (yet again) and drive 22 hours to Texas AGGHAHHGHH. But im ok ;) Shawn better make some amazing money there. ;) But there is an amazing pool so i hear at the apartments we'll be living in. :) Poor Kollin is going to have to move for the second time and he wont even be a month old! He is MY kid ;)


Shalise said...

I am glad you put what city you are going to. I forgot to ask. I hope the move and everything goes well. Good Luck!!!

Janee, Rick & Mathias said...

Moving again.. I hope things go well in TX for ya'll. Kollin is adorable~..

Janee, Rick & Mathias said...

did ya'll make it to Tx alright? how is it there?