Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kollin and Carter, check out the difference in thier head sizes.
Kollin in his first overalls ;) Look how long he is!!
So when Kollin was a 3 weeks Centurion transfered us to San Antonio. So we are in San Antonio through the end of the summer. We are excited, i have family here in Texas so well be able to spend time with them this summer. So i will posts about those exciting times ;) yay! Well im gonna run i am multi-tasking and talking on the phone and trying to blog! ;) ill blog more soon ;) Ok so i should elaborate on this last pic, we saw this Penske pulling a Uhaul on our drive i had to take a picture i thought it was hilarious! We just brought our Civic & Subaru! we packed them FULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shalise said...

I know that you took both cars, I did not know that you took a rental truck too. who is driving it? Have fun it Texas!!!! Kollin is getting so big!!!

brianna said...

Your Family in Texas can't wait to see that little boy!!!!!! Get here soon!!
love ya

Chrissy said...

I love that picture of Kollin and Carter. But man, does Carter look freakishly big there, or what??? :)