Friday, August 29, 2008

My bathroom makeover!!!! ;)

This is our old bathroom.... GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my new bathroom ;) YAY all for under 50 dollars ;)

We painted the cabininet and the walls and did some wall graphics and it looks AMAZING, now i just have to finish the floor. ;) but thats gonna cost a bit more ;)

A little different veiws ;) Im gonna change out the light fixture as well ;)

Another old bathroom shot ;)

Another new bathroom shot ;) I LOVE IT. I just sat in there last night after i finished looking around, i am so inlove with it ;)


Chrissy said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! That looks freakin' amazing!!! Do mine, do mine! That's looks so good, Shara. Where did you get the black designs? Are they paint, or wallpaper, or vinyl???

No, but seriously. Wanna come over this weekend and help me paint the red wall???

Tricia Kay said...

I can't believe that you did that all your self! And for that price! It looks amazing!